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DIY Decisive Decisions Activity Jar

Do you and your spouse (or entire family) have a difficult time deciding on what activities to do for date night (or family night)? If you are like me, then your answer is yes! Create this DIY Decisive Decisions Jar and spend less time debating on what activities to do with your loved ones.

DIY Spring/Summertime Lemon Wreath

Welcome warmer weather with this easy DIY spring/summertime lemon wreath. Perfect for your front door or any place you want to add a little sunshine!

Read This Before Starting A Business With Your Family or Friends

If you are anything like me, your brain flows with all sorts of business ideas. Some of them good. Many of them bad, but plenty of entrepreneurial thoughts for sure. You may even have considered taking one of those ideas to begin a venture with a family member or friend. Well if you haveā€¦Girl!!!! (Or guy) Read this post before starting a business with your family or friends.


Meet the MoodzMaker: Hey! I'm glad you are here. Welcome to All the Moodz blog! I am the Moodzmaker, Safiyyah. A GenX artist, maker, etc. who is figuring out the best way to share all of my creative moods in this GenZ world. These moods will range from visual art,...

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