DIY Spring/Summertime Lemon Wreath

DIY Spring/Summertime Lemon Wreath

DIY Spring/Summertime Lemon Wreath

Welcome the warmer weather with this easy, super cute, wreath!

DIY Spring/Summertime Lemon Wreath

Difficulty- Easy


  • Grapevine Natural Wreath
  • Decorative Foam Lemons 
  • Faux Garland
  • Wire Cutters
  • Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks
  • 12 Feet of 2” Wide Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Yarn Needle

When I think of warmer weather, thoughts of lemonade, lemon cake and lemon infused drinks shortly follow. Lemons are the introductory fruit to warm weather in my mind. The flavor of springtime and not a bad decor idea for your spring/summer outdoor decor. In this post, I will outline how to make an easy lemon wreath to officially welcome in the spring and summer seasons. 

Here in Missouri, the weather changes as quickly as the wind blows. When spring rolled in in March, the weather seemed like it was ready to give full 60-70 degree days, but digressed shortly after. In fact, we had a snow day in April. Finally it seems the weather is ready to stay warm and I am in the planning mood for my front porch. My husband lets me go crazy with whatever decor choices I make, because he secretly enjoys the finished projects. 

When deciding decor for this spring/summer season, I was drawn to lemons. Mostly because I love everything about them. I love a good glass of lemonade, a lemon in my water, Lemon Heads candy, lemon on certain fish and I’ll fight you over the last piece of lemon cake! Also, because oddly enough, I have never decorated with lemons. Weird right?

You may be thinking, “girl, why make a wreath when you can buy one?” If this is you, then you clearly don’t know me. I will always pick creating my own if possible. Why you may ask? Because it’s more sentimental. Duh! And because every time you look at an item you have created, you will have the memory of doing so. Thus, appreciating your creations more. If you’ve never created a wreath, let this project be your first.

The most difficult part of making the lemon wreath is prepping the lemons. I was lucky to find some very realistic looking lemons on sale. However, they did not have any floral wire or anything to make attaching to a wreath easy. So, prepping the lemons is where this project begins.

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Step #1: Cut roughly six inches of floral wire per lemon. Insert floral wire into each lemon and secure wire at hole with hot glue. Let glue harden and set aside. Careful not to get hot glue on anything while drying.

Insight: The amount of lemons that you use is solely up to you. The bags that I purchased contained about three different sized lemons, which I liked for scale. My 24” wreath has twenty-four lemons on it. Depending on your lemons, you may need to puncture them with a needle in order to insert the floral wire more easily. Since my lemons were a hard foam substance, the wire went right in. 

Step #2: Cut enough floral wire to secure your garland to your wreath. My wire pieces ranged from 4-6 inches each. As you secure the garland, twist each piece of wire, but hold off on cutting the excess until all items are on your wreath. 

Step #3: After your lemons are set. Meaning the glue has hardened around the wire and is secure. Begin adding lemons to your wreath. Aim for adding lemons on all sides evenly. Depending on the different sizes of lemons that you are using, arrange groupings in multiple sizes. Don’t cut the excess wire yet.

Step #4: At this point, you should have a wreath with garland and lemons. You should also have excess wire sticking up all over your wreath. Add the ribbon by wrapping it snuggly in the gaps on your wreath. Now, all that excess wire that you have sticking up can be used to secure the ribbon in place if necessary. The gaps in your grapevine wreath is also a good place to tuck away some ribbon.

Step #5: You should have your wreath just how you want it. Now you can trim any remaining excess floral wire from your wreath. Tada! You now have a great addition to your front door to welcome the warm weather of spring and summertime. Enjoy your wreath!

Thank you for reading!


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