DIY Decisive Decisions Activity Jar

DIY Decisive Decisions Activity Jar

DIY Decisive Decisions Jar

DIY Decisive Decisions Activity Jar

Picture this, it’s date night or family activity night and everyone wants to do something different, or not quite sure what to do at all. All you know is you want to have fun together. But, you often spend half of the evening suggesting various activities before finally settling on something lackluster or nothing at all. Well friends, this post is here to save you and your loved ones time spent on deliberations and get you to the quality time faster. Read on to learn how to create a DIY Decisive Decisions Jar for your next family gathering.

Decisive decisions are those that are made quickly and effectively. Often times families are caught in a routine. The days of the week run together and when you finally make time to sit down to hangout, everyone is often exhausted. Tiredness is the nemesis of creativity. Being decisive takes energy, so decision making is more difficult for many when you just want to get to the fun. This leaves many families leaning towards the the quickest and easiest solutions, which often means finding something on TV, the internet, etc. Basically activities that are more of the same. Booorrring!!!

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DIY Decisive Decisions Pinterest
DIY Decisive Decisions Jar
DIY Decisive Decisions Activity Jar
DIY Decisive Decisions Activity Jar
DIY Decisive Decisions Activity Jar

Here’s What You Need!

Difficulty- Super Easy

  • A Jar  ( I like the clasp style, but any kind with a lid will do)
  • Small pieces of paper in the same style to prevent cheating
  • Writing Instruments
  • Fun Ideas

Let’s Begin!

As stated earlier, it’s hard to be decisive when you are tired, so you don’t want to do this activity when you are not rested. Actually, it may make sense to create your decisive decisions jar at your next family night. 

Step #1

Divvy up the slips of paper amongst the deciders. Be sure to use a writing instrument that does not bleed through to prevent cheating.

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Step #2

Get creative. If necessary ask some prompts to facilitate some great ideas. For example, ask questions like, what’s a game that you always wanted to play, but haven’t yet? Or if your jar is going to focus on away from home activities, ask questions regarding places you either enjoy going to or want to try. Be sure to be specific on the types of activities you will include in your jar in order to honor the future selections.

Step #3

Each participant writes out his or her activity ideas. When finished, fold the slips and place them in the decisive decisions jar.  Seal the lid and set your jar out somewhere in your home. Be sure each person knows not to snoop.

Step #4 

Set a routine time that the activities will be drawn and determine who will draw each time. 

Step# 5

Spend less time thinking of activities to do with your family and get ready for spontaneous fun! 

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post and will try it with your family! If you do, leave me a comment and don’t forget to subscribe and connect with us on socials. 

Peace & Blessings,

S. Moodz

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