Last Call For Black History Month 2021!

Last Call For Black History Month 2021!

It’s last call! We are about to put another Black History Month in the history books. As the month of February wraps up, it’s the perfect time for a friendly check-in. Did you learn anything new in 2021? Did you do anything fun to celebrate? Does your family have any fun traditions that you uphold to recognize the accomplishments of Black Americans? Let’s chat about it in the comment section.

Well if you did not light it all the way up this Black History Month, there is still time to get some celebrating in. In this post, I have a few fun ideas that you and (some) your family can do. Hopefully, if you partake, you will feel like you properly celebrated Black History Month 2021. Of course, feel free to celebrate Black History throughout the remainder of the year. As Black history is American history and should be acknowledged as such, but I digress.

DIY Beaded Wine Glass

The DIY Beaded Wine Glass project is the perfect family activity because you can customize the glasses however you’d like! You can even use kid friendly glasses to get them in on the fun. For this project, I decided to use a black tinted glass that I found at the Dollar Tree. I settled on using an African continent template and chose the Pan African colors–red, black and green in honor of Black History Month. However, there are plenty other pro-Black symbols that you could use to pay homage.

DIY Beaded wine Glass Supplies:

  • 1 Wine glass or glass of your choosing
  • 1 Template (African Template can be found here. Please note that you can size it to your liking. The design used in this project is roughly 2″ tall.)
  • Seed beads
  • Sharpie marker (black or other dark color)
  • Painters tape
  • E6000 Multi-purpose clear glue
  • Alcohol wipe
  • Craft tweezers

DIY beaded Wine Glass Video

Tips: once the glue dries initially, you may need to apply more beads for a fuller look. Use the craft tweezers to remove any bead colors that end up in the wrong section. After you are satisfied with your design and the glue is completely dry, use an alcohol wipe to remove any exposed sharpie.

E6000 glue is pretty smelly, but I personally like the hold once it is cured. I understand that not all crafters like E6000, so feel free to use a comparable product. Letting the finished product sit for at least a week before use tends to eliminate the glue odor in my experience. Although, E6000 states that the glue can go through the dishwasher once cured, I opt to hand wash my finished crafts.

Important: be sure not to apply any glue where it will come in contact with your mouth or liquid/food that you will consume. Please visit the E6000 website for a complete list of instructions and warnings.

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Black Owned Wines

What’s a Black History Month themed wine glass without any Black owned wines to pour in it? Exactly! Checkout the list below for some Black owned wine brands to check out this year:

Black Owned Wine Brands

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Wine Down Coloring Page

Now that you have your DIY Black History Month themed wine glass filled with your Black owned wine, it’s time to break out the coloring pencils! The Wine Down Coloring Page is the perfect girl’s night activity during this pandemic. Visit the link below to download your very own coloring page:

Who said it? Black History Month Quiz

Who said it? Was it Oprah? Or was it Gayle? You tell me! Take the fun, Black History Month Quiz and share with your friends.

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Last Call!

Give yourself a pat on the back because you made it to the end! Thank you for hanging in there. I hope that you will try the activities shared in this post. If you do, please tell me about it in the comment section and share with your friends. Lastly, if you do decide to share on Pinterest, pin this:

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