My husband and I both got into coffee much later in life…I mean we were both well into our 30s. Unlike me, he REALLY got into coffee. So much so, that I decided to create the ultimate gift for him this past Christmas. A cup of the month club! What is that you ask? Well, it is an idea that came to me after realizing I was truly out of gift ideas. If you are anything like me, I simply get what I need instead of waiting on gift giving holidays. Yeah, I know, getting older is not as exciting where gifts are concerned! But I digress…back to the cup of the month club!

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Great idea, but…

You may be thinking, I love this idea, but how do I put together a cup of the month club? I will outline 3 easy steps for you to create your very own cup of the month club gift. I will also provide complimentary coffee graphics that I used that will help you tie everything together (I hope).

Let’s start from the beginning!

My initial planning began with asking myself some basics questions.

Some Questions I considered:

  • What types of coffee does my husband like?
  • Where does he buy coffee regularly?
  • Is he open to trying new local coffee shops?

Depending on your answers, you may approach the 3 steps slightly different. However, I believe the steps will still be pretty easy peasy! Equipped with the answers to my questions, I set out to transition my cup of the month club idea into a coffee lovers reality.

How does the Cup of the Month Club work?

The whole allure of the cup of the month club is the mystery and excitement your recipient will feel each month. With the gift cards being presented in individually sealed coffee bean bags (nice touch right?), your coffee lover will get a nice surprise every time they get to open a new pouch. If your coffee drinker is open to trying new coffee shops, then an adventure awaits him or her each month. If they are a little more reserved, their favorite coffee should still put a smile on their face. A solid gift either way!

Step #1: Establish How Many Months & Budget

Determining how many months that you want to include in your cup of the month club (and budget) will make the remainder of the steps flow like a bottomless cup of Joe! Cheesy, I know, but hang with me. Because I intended for the coffee to really be the star of this past Christmas’ gifting, I opted to gift my husband 12 months worth of cups. I assigned a budget of $5 per cup, which seemed to be sufficient for trying a new place. Although, a couple of the coffee shops I visited had a $10 minimum for gift cards. So allow for some flexibility in your budget or call ahead (hindsight is 20/20).

Step #2: Schedule the Cups

You may be scratching your head after reading this step’s title, but I promise you that it will all make sense when I’m done. I admit that this step is the most complex of the 3, but with a little organization it should be a breeze. To facilitate your planning, use this fillable PDF that I created to help you organize what coffee shops that you will send your coffee lover to each month. Essentially, step #2 is all about finding the coffee shops and buying the gift cards.

How I approached Step #2

multi-month coffee pouches

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, my husband was constantly talking about his desire to try many coffee shops in our city of Kansas City, MO. Lucky for me, I found many coffee shops in our area that he hadn’t tried yet. With the added bonus of supporting local small business during the pandemic, I devised a plan. Now, I won’t lie. Getting out and driving around the city to purchase 12 different gift cards took a few days. However, I welcomed the adventure as it allowed me to spend some time outside of my home. Especially important to me during these strange times when I find myself working, living and playing all under the same roof! If the idea of driving around is a turnoff, the majority of the coffee shops I visited offered gift cards on their website. The planning sheet will help with keeping everything straight.

Step #3: Put it All Together!

Now that you have planned how many months your gift will run and have the coffee shop gift cards in tow, let’s put your gift all together! I opted to assemble the coffee gift cards into individual coffee pouches that I found on Amazon. Each pouch is decorated with a cute coffee cup graphic that I use for one of Sentimental Moodz’ eMoodz eCards. I printed out on sticker paper and cut with my Cameo 3. Each sticker states, “Cup of the Month Club!” and references a month.

You can download the coffee cup graphic here. For me I ended up with 12 different pouches for each month of the year. Your total count will depend on how many months you decide to gift your coffee lover! I did not pick a particular order for my hubby to visit the coffee shops with one exception, I selected for him to visit a Black owned coffee shop in February, which is Black History Month. Feel free to assemble your coffee shops however is best for you.

Wrapping Up!

As you see, I added a few coffee gifts with my coffee shop gift cards. As I mentioned earlier, this gift was my main Christmas gift for my husband and I wanted it to be extra special. I found a cool coffee roasting journal at one of my husband’s favorite coffee shops and added some small coffee bags/pods of his favorite beans that I did not include in the cup of the month gift cards.

The new travel mug was absolutely needed, as my husband has a habit of taking “non-travel” mugs out of the house. The coffee colored vegan leather envelope pouch was the perfect solution for gift card storage post opening of the gift, which I found in some unsold merchandise from a past craft show. The same goes for the pocket envelope I used to present the coffee shop gift cards in with a letter that outlined the cup of the month details. I have included a PDF here for you to create your very own instructions to include in your gift.

Well, What Do You Think?

If you are still reading, then I assume you’re up for this DIY Coffee Lovers- Cup of the Month Club! Am I right? The cool thing is that there are so many different directions that you can take this gift idea in. With nothing being right or wrong. For example, you could apply the cup of the month club concept to other types of gift cards. How about a burger of the month club idea? I’m jotting that one down for next year!

If you have a coffee lover in your life, remember all it takes is 3 steps (establish how many months & budget, schedule the cups and put it all together) to make their wildest caffeinated dreams come true! With that being said, the important thing to remember is that this gift idea is all about being creative and having fun! If you put your heart into it and your recipient is anything like my husband, they will be full of excitement and joy!

Thank you for making it to the end of this post. If you enjoyed the DIY Coffee Lover- Cup of the Month Club! gift idea, please be sure to leave a comment and subscribe to the newsletter. Don’t forget to pin this idea for later! Until next time…


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