Forever Mood…

I started Sentimental Moodz in 2018 after a strong desire to reconnect with my art. After spending years helping others with their business goals, I set out to create something just for me. My hope is to create meaningful art that you want to give to your family and friends. I want your recipients to treasure these items and reflect on the intentions behind them even after you are gone.

For me, that last part is especially personal. Being the child of a missing mother, it is a yellowing scrapbook filled with cards, writings and other keepsakes that gets me through. It is the reason I have memory boxes filled with greeting cards and letters that I cannot seem to part with.

You see, technology is great, but in the absence of tangible memories, memories often fade This is where greeting cards are more important than ever. This is why I created Sentimental Moodz, with a mission to offer many styles for many different moodz.


“To create art, greeting cards and gifts that are artistic, thoughtful, unique, creative and evoke a sentimental mood. 

Art is


About our Logo:

Sentimental Moodz logo is inspired by the founder’s West African ancestry. The Adinkra symbol, NSAA, is a type of woven fabric and is a symbol of excellence, genuineness & authenticity. NSAA was selected as the inspiration because Sentimental Moodz aims to produce excellent, genuine and authentic art for our friends to enjoy! 

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